The following testimonials are taken from letters received from clients and are shared with full approval.

"...that makes 11 with one scheduled to be installed next week."
Customer Rating: ★★★★★
Project:  Installation of domed skylights over the years

"We have a three bedroom house and added our first HI-LITE in 2003 when we purchased the home.  I had 2 more installed this month (April 2012)…that makes 11 with one scheduled to be installed next week.  That should be about all you need to know.  When we had our first one installed the builder told us that we may have voided the warranty on the roof of our new house.  He went up on the roof to inspect it.  He came down off the roof and said he had never seen such a good job and asked for the information on HI LITE so he could get some for his home…and the warranty was not voided.  After 9 years we have no problems and countless compliments on our domed skylights.  Our house was a little dark since the entire house has shutters and about 20% of the light is blocked even when they are open.  Now our house looks like we have lights on throughout during the day time.  Best investment we ever made and will be a strong selling point when and if we decide to sell our home.  Oh yeah, Gene and Jackie are fun and honest people to work with…we consider them our friends now rather than our “installers.”
- Jim Damian
"The end result is a work of art."
Customer Rating: ★★★★★
Project: Install a New Skylight

"The Highlite Group installed both a skylight and sky tube in our home. The skylight was a custom job that Geno designed with respect to the ceiling's internal framework along with the pre-existing design of the interior space. The end result is a work of art, the focal point of the room. The addition of natural daylight in the two rooms, complemented by Geno's expert framing is priceless. The sun is a perpetually free resource, why not take advantage of it and call the Highlight Group for expert installation and a lifetime guarantee that can't be beat." 

- Elaine H. in Poway, CA